Our Story

When our team set out to build a transfer case, they had no idea that they’d be embarking on a journey that would end in the creation of something so revolutionary.

As with any great product, the story begins with the idea that things like performance, power, and ease-of-use are only limited by imagination. Our team looked at every aspect of the industry’s highest performing transfer cases with one goal in mind… improvement.

One of the biggest advantages of the Hero Transfer Case is its maintenance. A split design allows the Hero Transfer Case to be easily serviced, compared to other transfer cases on the market that only give a single opening through which all maintenance must be performed. This simple, but important aspect showcases our ability to think outside conventions and develop solutions that challenge the industry standard.

American made. American proud. American tough. Every single piece of the Hero Transfer Case is made and assembled right here in the United States. This attention to detail and superior parts quality is what makes the Hero Transfer Case such a powerful piece of equipment.

The final piece of our story is innovation. As an industry first, the Hero Transfer Case comes in a 3-speed configuration perfect for daily drivers looking for some off-road weekend action. This development opened up an entire market of potential users looking to take their every-day vehicles to new extremes!

Hero Transfer Case Isolated

While we’re incredibly proud of the Hero Transfer Case and the results we’ve seen so far, this ain’t over yet. Innovation is a continual process of examination and improvement – and one we strive for every day.